QR Reader Secure - Privacy-Focused and Secure QR Reader

Last week my parents asked me to download to their phones a simple QR Reader. So I opened the Play Store and I started to search an easy to use application, without lot’s of noise (oh, I mean intrusive ads..) and without ulterior motives. Well, I wandered around the Play Store for an hour without finding an answer.

Some apps will require all the imaginable permission only to scan a QR code. Come on, why do you need my contacts and my location for the scanning? 🤬


Some other apps instead showed too much aggressive ads strategy that makes confusion to people no tech-addicted.

So, I decided to spend my weekend developing a simple, secure, and privacy-focused QR Reader.


The app is very simple because its aim it’s very simple: “Open the camera, scan the QR and get a link!”. It does not require sneaky, strange, and useless permissions just for the sake of stealing data. There aren’t ads, trackers of any sort and what do you scan remains on your phone. The only requested permission is for the camera.



QR Reader Secure is available for free in the Play Store and it’s open source, so you can inspect the code by yourself on GitHub

Get it on Google Play

I hope that this little application will be helpful to keep your data more secure.

If you have any feedback, if you notice a bug or if you want to contribute for example with the translation, feel free to reach me out on Twitter @marcoGomier.