New update for RSS Parser: featured image

Today I’ve released a new version of the Android library RSS-Parser

This library allows you to easily download an (or multiple) RSS Feed in order to display it in your application. If you don’t know RSS-Parser, you can give a look to the blog post dedicated to it. In that post I’ll give also some tip about the library usage.

Thanks to the issues and the suggestions provided by the community, I’ve improved the parsing of the feature image of the article. Now the parser, first search a specific image content, next if nothing is found it search inside the description and next inside the content of ther article. In this way there are three different sources for the image, in order to minimize the absense.

That’s all for this update! Please let me know if you notice any bug or if you have any advice that can improve this library.

Of course the source code of the library is on Github together with a sample application that shows what you can do with the library.