Hi 馃憢

I'm Marco, a software engineer and a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin, currently working at TIER as Senior Android Engineer.

I build, write and speak about stuff.

Top Posts

Organize your Views: Jetpack Compose edition

15 March 2023 路 6 min

Improving shared architecture for a Kotlin Multiplatform, Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI app

26 June 2022 路 8 min

Building an XCFramework on Kotlin Multiplatform from Kotlin 1.5.30

30 August 2021 路 4 min

Structuring a Ktor project

7 April 2021 路 11 min

Introducing Kotlin Multiplatform in an existing project

25 February 2021 路 12 min

Using Retrofit and Alamofire with Kotlin Serialization on Kotlin Multiplatform

10 December 2020 路 7 min