Marco Gomiero

Computer Engineer · Android Developer · Community Manager · marco[dot]gomiero[dot]93[at]gmail[dot]com

Computer Engineer, Android Developer, passionate about data analysis, IoT, Wearable Devices and BOT.
Co-manager of the Google Developer Group Venice



Mobile & Data Engineer

How can people find job-focused education right for them? Uniwhere is reinventing education using data and companies learning communities.

Thanks to big data, it understands users’ background, preparation and key personality traits, and uses its predictive models to suggest relevant career paths, their related skills, and how to learn them. To do this, Uniwhere has designed a unique product that allows passionate learners to understand what the job market expects from them, and enabling them to fill their skill gap by providing relevant education that is coming from visionary companies and education platforms eager to prepare and hire the next generation of talents.

September 2017 - Present




Graphic restyling and porting from a custom CMS to Wordpress of the Italian blog "ZeroMag".


Mario Discepolo

Android App

Android Application to read latest articles and reviews from, watch latest Youtube video from MarioDiscepolo's channel and receive notifications for the new articles. You can checkout the application on the Play Store.


Youtube Parser

Android Library

An Android library to get video's information from Youtube channels. You can retrieve title, link and thumbnails of a video from a specific channel. For each video you can also get statistics like views, number of like, dislike, favorite and comments. The library is also uploaded on jCenter. You can find more info about it on this blog post and the source code on Github.

2016 - Present

RSS Parser

Android Library

An Android library to parse a RSS Feed. You can retrive the following information about an article:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Description
  • Content
  • Main Image
  • Link
  • Publication Date
The library is also uploaded on jCenter. You can find more info about it on this blog post and the source code on GitHub

2016 - Present

IoT Semplice Demo

Android App

Android Application that shows some function of "IoT Semplice", a board for Internet of Things. The app connects to the board by using Bluetooth Low Energy. You can checkout the source code on GitHub Github.


Taxitaly and Tour


Website built with Wordpress to book transfer and touristic tours in the area of Venice. The site is no longer active.



Android App

Android Application to read latest articles and reviews, watch latest Youtube video from Lupokkio's channel and receive notifications for the new articles. The application is no longer active because the blog is dead but you can see its past behavior by watching this video.




Graphic restyling and maintenance of the Italian tech blog "Lupokkio". The site was built with Wordpress and is no longer online.



Flutter or React Native, a cross-platform dilemma

DevFest Pisa 2019

Nowadays the hype around Flutter is raising a lot. But what about the "(not so) old-fashioned" React Native? In this talk, we will see the basics and the differences between the two frameworks and which to choose. All this journey is based on the true story of an Android Developer that he wanted to explore the cross-platform jungle.

13 April 2019

Hi, have you met Flutter?

FéMO 2019 – Dai garage alle piazze - Padova

A brief introduction to the Flutter framework before the official Google Codelab

9 February 2019

Library development: open source your ideas

DevFest Milano 2018

Have you ever thought that your idea could help other developers? Join the magic world of open source! In this talk we are going to share some tips and the secrets to become an open source master. Of course some practical examples based on our experience cannot miss. This talk has been done in collaboration with Andrea Maglie that I thank

6 October 2018

Android Things - The power of Android for Internet of Things

GDG Venezia Tech Talks

In this talk we'll see what is Android Things and what we need to know to begin developing IoT application.

20 March 2017

How To Deal with Backup & Restore on Android

GDG Venezia Tech Talks

One of the worst things is to lose all your data when you change a phone or when you reset it. With this talk we'll see how to deal with this problem and how to secure your application's data.

17 December 2016


University of Padua

Master Degree
Computer Engineering

Thesis title: "Design and development of a system for linking university careers and real world jobs"

March 2016 - October 2018

University of Padua

Bachelor Degree
Information Engineering

Thesis title: "Porting issues from Scratch/BYOB to Snap in a browser environment"

October 2012 - February 2016